My Newlywed Diary: Volume 1

I’ve been married for almost 3 months, so you might say I’m somewhat one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic.

I’ve been given a lot of (unsolicited) advice since our wedding day, and like most everything people tell me I have completely ignored most of it. Mainly because none of it was all that relevant when my husband unveiled a GIANT TV HE PURCHASED THAT COST MORE MONEY THAN I EVEN KNEW A TV COULD POSSIBLY COST.

But rogue husbands roaming the mall unsupervised aside, there are some pieces of advice that I have always cherished from the marriage experts who helped raise me:

1. Marriage isn’t romance
This little gem comes from my own father, the man who taught me that true love isn’t about princesses and fairy tales and kissing in the rain, it’s about love and teamwork.

2. Name a CFO
You know why my mom is right about this? Because when you have a person who is responsible for the money, it’s much less likely that you’re going to have a situation where someone you know, purchases a TV that costs more money than you even knew a TV could cost.

3. A wedding isn’t a marriage
After the fancy party, you’re still just going to be two people who have to live a normal life together. And sometimes, that normal life means wearing a smelly retainer to bed.

4. Marriage is a daily commitment, a choice you make every day
You better make sure you’re married to someone who wakes up and says yes to you every day, even when the room smells like sleep farts. (My siblings are deep.)

5. Don’t use the phrase date night
I mean, you should go on dates with each other, but calling it date night just makes it sound so lame. Just call it “dinner” or “a movie” and be done with it.


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