Mark Zuckerberg Gets Married

Mark Zuckerberg has gotten married to longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chang – who, just for the record, is not the girl Rooney Mara’s character is based around in The Social Network.

Announcing the news on his Facebook timeline (surprise surprise!) Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding comes just after the news that Facebook’s worth had soared to $19 billion. (So needless to say, $19 billion is a lot cooler than $1 billion. Also, than most things in general.)

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chang have been together for nine years, and were married in their backyard with 100 guests in attendance. Evidently, the guests believed they were attending the bride’s graduation party (Priscilla Chang attends UC San Francisco Medical School), but found out that Mark Zuckerberg was about to make the biggest status change of his life.

(Cue: that scene where Jesse Eisenberg keeps refreshing his old friend request.)

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