How to Make Friends at Work

Making friends when you’re an adult is tricky, but what better way to meet new people than at work- where you likely spend most of your time! Now, how do you get from small talk to meaningful friendships?

1. “Do” lunch

One of the best ways to make friends as work is during breaks. Lunch, coffee, and by the watercooler. Lunch is the best time to talk about your weekend, hobbies, and personal lives. Try to get yourself invited to go to lunch with others, or invite others to go with you. This is the best way to get to know your coworkers a bit better.  

2. Be friendly

Be approachable. Get to know the people you work with and expand your friend circle by making connections outside of your immediate peer group. Reach out to casual acquaintances and meet up for coffee! You never know if you will hit it off. It’s always fun to know people that you don’t have to interact directly with on work projects, but within the same organization.

3. Listen

One of the biggest things when it comes to making friends is being a good listener. Be personable and empathize with what other people are saying. Make an effort to be someone that people want to share with and talk to.

4. Get involved

In a big organization, or even in a small company, the best way to get to know your fellow co-workers is by getting involved in activities that spread across departments. Volunteer for that bake sale, or join the holiday party planning committee, get to know and work with people outside of your immediate work circle!

5. Include others

A great way to make friends as work is to include others in what you are doing. Communicate with your teammates about the projects you’re working on, or ask people to participate in things you enjoy- that recreational volleyball team you’re a part of or Christmas volunteering. The point is, talk about your interests and be inclusive! And if you find that you are making a good connection with a friend at work- ask if they want to go for a drink after work, or invite them to events out of the work environment.



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