How to Spring Clean Your Social Life

This spring, take time to shape up your social life. Here’s how to get your relationships in order, from getting rid of those toxic friends to welcoming in the new ones.

Delete the numbers you’ll never call. Think of clearing out your contact lists as a way of literally making room for new people to come into your life. While our online friend lists tend to be more acquaintance friendly, reserve your phone for the A team. That means getting rid of the guy you went on one date with, the friends you don’t care to keep in touch with, and the ex you haven’t seen forever. If you’re can’t remember the last time you texted or called them, delete.

Condense your Facebook friends. If seeing a certain person infiltrate your mini feed with their life / new girlfriend / sweet job makes you cringe, get them out of there. Don’t torture yourself. Keeping someone around who reminds you of a time in your life you’d rather not see every day can hamper self growth. Spring cleaning your social life is about moving forward.

Air it out your qualms. If there’s an issue that’s been looming in the back of your mind growing bigger by the minute, get it out in the open before it harms the friendship. The more we think about something that bothers us without talking about it, the more it grows into a big, secret idea. Secrets are a huge harm factor in friendships. If you need to organize your thoughts, write it out on paper first, then speak directly with your friend. Don’t be passive aggressive, be honest. Then move on.

Make time for creative dates with yourself. Only when you put yourself first can you be the friend you really want to be. Set aside some time each week when you can do something creative and fulfilling by yourself – hit up an art gallery during free admission hours, or check out a community workshop. Your relationship with yourself is your most important bond.  

Make it a goal to spend more time outside. While there’s nothing inauthentic about keeping in touch with friends online, spring is a great time to hang with pals face to face. Getting outside will help you tap into the fresh energy of spring that naturally makes us feel energized and rejuvenated. Besides, is it ever too chilly out to for a walk outside and grab some ice cream. 

Tell your friends you love them. Even if you see them every day, make it a point to let your friends know how much you appreciate having them around. Everyone has self esteem lapses sometimes “ reminding a friend how awesome they are will make you both feel great.

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