The Dos and Don’ts of Meeting the Parents

So, you’ve crossed the relationship threshold with flying colours and are still basking on cloud nine, when your boyfriend asks you to come over for a Sunday dinner at his parents place “ a not so subtle code for, I like you a lot and want my family to get to know you better now too. You are thrilled but nervous about what this means and what they might think of you. Here are a list of do’s and don’ts to consider as you take that important next step in your relationship:

Do dress conservatively but within reason
We aren’t asking you to throw on a pilgrim dress and in the same vain, the occasion likely isn’t the best to dawn the shortest skirt you own with those killer heels that make your calves look like a million bucks. Think reasonable. A great pair of jeans and a pretty sweater will do the trick, or a summer dress is a sure hit.

Don’t go empty handed
Try to steer clear of cliché©s but make sure you don’t turn up to dinner without a small gift, maybe a bottle of wine, dessert or a small token that is uniquely you and well thought out. Has your boyfriend mentioned any passions or hobbies his Mom or Dad enjoy? Get creative and look for something memorable.

Do keep up the flow of the conversation
Remember, first impressions are a big deal, so don’t sit pretty in the corner quietly. Show off your brilliant self and stay engaged in the conversation. And ask questions to show your interest.

Do get up and help out
Whether that be laying the table or clearing dishes away after a meal. It’ll make you feel part of the family and well, isn’t that the point?

Do have fun
Most of us forget that this is an important milestone but a fun one too. So sit back and enjoy the company and getting to know another family and their dynamics. You’ll learn a lot more about your boyfriend/spouse then you would otherwise have the chance to.

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