5 Little Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Still Likes You

If you want your ex back, be perceptive to the little things he does around you. Your ex-boyfriend might not come right out and say it, but the truth can be found in his facial expressions, comments, and questions. Ask yourself if any of these behaviours sound familiar before making any moves to get him back.

1. He still texts you … late at night.
Exchanging friendly texts throughout the day can be innocent, even necessary after a break up “ there’s nothing wrong with checking up on each other. But if your ex is reaching out into the wee hours of the morn, he’s thinking about you during a vulnerable time. During the day, he’s busy, at work, etc. At night, which can be a vulnerable time, his thoughts turn to you. Suppressing those thoughts during the day can lead to an eruption of them at night, and it can be hard to resist texting  “  especially after the bar.

2. He puts down other guys around you.
Criticising others is usually a response to feeling insecure. If he truly didn’t care what you thought, he wouldn’t need that reinforcement of security. Maybe you broke his heart and he was hurt, but if he truly didn’t care what you thought anymore, he wouldn’t say anything about so and so’s latest style statement.

3. He can’t hide his smile around you.
If he’s pretty much beaming when he’s around you, it’s a physical sign he can’t keep his excitement contained. You can probably read his facial expressions better than you think “ after all, you were in a relationship with him. The first step to getting your ex back is affirming and reciprocating that that positive energy.

4. He often brings up memories of your relationship.
This will often goes hand in hand with the uncontrollable smiling. Reminiscing on your relationship is a sure sign those romantic times are still on his mind, and that the good memories overshadow the bad. No matter how messy or painful your breakup, those good times obviously left a much bigger impression on him. Talking about memories is a way to relive them “ if there was a sign your ex wanted you back, it’s his desire to share those experiences with you.

5. He asks you if you’re seeing anyone.
If he’s asking you this, it’s on his mind. If it’s on his mind, he still cares. If you want your ex back, be careful with this question. While you certainly don’t want to allude to having anyone new in your life, you don’t want to go ahead and give him a green light without anything changing from last time “  you broke up for a reason, after all. Use your best judgement and try to allude to the fact that this is a bigger conversation.


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