The Best Places in Toronto for a First Date

Ah, summer: the perfect time for a budding new romance. It’s finally nice outside, so you don’t have to worry about your parka not matching your carefully selected outfit, and the hours of daylight extend beyond the time you’re stuck sitting behind your desk at work. So you’ve got yourself a date, and we’ve got a few ideas on just where to go in Toronto to see if you’ve found the peanut butter to your jam.

Bang Bang Ice Cream

Isn’t ice cream the key to everyone’s heart? (Or just mine?) Not only can you openly debate the merits of all of the weirdo and delicious flavours, but you have about a half hour wait in the line to get to know each other’s interests. If your date is patient, bonus. If he orders vanilla, say bye.

Mini-putt at The Docks


A super-fun way to spark a little friendly competition, and to make sure your potential suitor can laugh off the little things. Bad sign: he can’t play through the windmill and screams like a small child. Good sign: he’s calm and confident while you watch him drain the putt.

Park hangs at Trinity Bellwoods

This is the ultimate no-pressure first date, since you can take a pause in the conversation to sit back and people-watch. You can bring your own drinks and snacks, and there is no definitive park-hang time frame so if you’re not into it, you’re not stuck waiting at a restaurant for your bill to arrive.

Classic dinner

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This may seem like a bit of a given as a date option, but try sitting side-by-side instead of across the table from each other. You’ll have more body contact and be able to feel if there’s any chemistry between you. Plus, it makes it fun to share off of each other’s plates (unless you’re Joey Tribbiani¦ Joey doesn’t share food) and sample a wider menu. Bonus if he orders the kale Caesar. Trust.

Wander through Honest Ed’s

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Possibly one of the best non-museum museums in Toronto, this place is a treasure trove just waiting to be uncovered. Make a scavenger hunt”try and stick to a budget, make an outfit, furnish an apartment”the options are endless. You’ll also get to see if this man has a sense of adventure, or is horrified by all things clearance.


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