YSL’s Facebook Makeup

We all use Facebook, but do you like it enough to wear it?

Yves Saint Laurent can make it possible thanks to launching a Facebook-inspired eye shadow colour palette on July 19. Only 1650 will be produced, and will be launched on YSL’s Facbeook Beauty Page (of course).

Said commercial director of Facebook France, Damien Vincent: “We are honoured that a prestigious brand such as Yves Saint Laurent resumes Facebook colour codes to launch a unique product destined for fans.”

(And if THAT doesn’t win back Rooney Mara’s character from The Social Network, I don’t know what will!) (Kidding, of course, Mark Zuckerberg’s married.)

Pegged at $60 a piece, the Yves Saint Laurent Facebook makeup will bestow upon its owners exclusive info in addition to perks and services of Facebook stores. Evidently, YSL’s “Pure Chromatics Devoted To Fans” lives up to its name.

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