Maximize Your Summer Date Potential

Go on ladies, please raise your hand if you don’t love yourself a good summer romance. No hands? No surprise. Warm sun, lake breezes, long walks, and sweet little kisses¦who out there can help but get all girly and mushy when this time of year rolls around? And even if you are single, there are countless ways to find yourself penning in a great summer date every weekend this summer. You know why? ‘Cause we have the goods on how to make it happen. Read on, girls…

1. Join an online dating site
OK, yes, we know¦who isn’t on an online dating site these days, right? Well surprisingly, a lot of people aren’t. And if you are one of them, then we highly suggest getting yourself signed up. Even if the thought petrifies you, signing up to one of these sites (even one of the free ones) with the posted intention of simply looking to score a couple fun summer dates will be well worth it, trust us!

2. Get a ticket!
If there is one thing you can always guarantee to find a LOT of men in the summer, it is concerts. Concerts, concerts and more concerts. We don’t know how many times we can tell you ladies this, but honestly, there is no better pick-up ground than a live show “ especially in the summer when you’ve got outdoor venues, beer gardens and barefoot dancing! Stock up on tickets to every and any show you can get your hands on “ big bands, little bands, completely unknown bands “ just get to them all (OK, well, except maybe the One Direction shows) we promise there will be plenty-a-men to meet. And come on, there is nothing hotter than a music geek.

3. Hit a patio¦on the other side of town
Sure it might seem easy to walk out your front door and hit up the super cool patio right across the street, but unfortunately, people are creatures of habit and it is very likely that the only potential date material you are going to meet at that locale are the same guys who have been hitting on your for the last six months. Switch it up while the weather allows and head to a bar or restaurant or coffee shop across town. Not only will you have a better chance of meeting new people, but you also might find a new spot you’ll love!

4. Know what is going on
Whether you live in a major city or a not-so-major city, Canadian summers are pretty notoriously epic for revolving around a plethora of activity from fairs to festivals and from marathons to major leagues. Check out the local papers and city websites for your area and find out what is going on around you. The more time you spend out and about in your city, the more likely you are to catch the eye of someone who might want to treat you to the next big event going on in town.


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