Willow Smith’s Fashion Blog

Willow Smith’s style is something else, and obviously she could teach us a thing or two about uniqueness and creativity. That’s why news of her fashion blog is actually pretty great.

Late last week, the “Whip My Hair” singer took to Twitter to announce the launch of “i’art des chiffons” — a Tumblr site, that translates to “the art of rags.” (You go, girl.) (YGG.)

Street style, fashion show pics, accessories, and a photo of Karl Lagerfeld with the Olsen Twins are among the first images Willow’s posted, but true to Tumblr form, there’s absolutely no loss for pictures and material.

Whether this blog will branch off into a book deal or more involvement in the fashion industry remains to be seen, but considering Willow has an awesome eye for fashion, I doubt anyone would be upset if it did.

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