Will Cara Delevingne Star in “50 Shades of Grey”?

I didn't know Cara Delevingne wanted to be an actress — did you know Cara Delevingne wanted to be an actress? Well, Cara Delevingne wants to be an actress, and word on the street she may actually have a real shot at landing the role of Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey. (The movie of one thousand rumours.)

According to The Sun, she's "a front-runner for the part" and is "desperate to get the gig and has always said that she's wanted to be taken seriously as an actress."

We've, of course, already seen Delevingne on the big screen: last year, she appeared in Anna Karenina, and we'll catch her again in Kids in Love, a movie revolving around rich Londoners. (So we'll obviously all relate to it very much.) Perhaps understandably, this Sun source is very optimistic.

"She is a global icon now and a good actress and Sam [Taylor-Johnson, director of the film] wants her in the movie — although which part exactly hasn't been established."

This is far from the last we've heard about this, believe me. However, in other Delevingne news, the model apparently had a fall-out with best friend Rita Ora after she stormed onstage and interrupted Ora's performance at a DKNY party, which is especially unfortunate since the model wanted Ora to appear on her debut album. (Because yes, Cara Delevingne is also in music.)

Landing 50 Shades would also be good news for Delevingne since H&M dropped her earlier this week. According to Metro, she was snapped with "mysterious white powder" in May, and has since been distanced from the fashion brand, who denied she was a model with them in the first place.

"She is not a model with us, and I think there was a misunderstanding that she was the face of H&M," said a spokesperson. "We just used her for the show."

Delevingne, you've got a lot going on. Why don't we all take a time out, stay in, and just watch Netflix at our respective homes tonight?

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