Why You Should Catch up on True Blood this Winter

If you haven’t heard of HBO’s vampire show True Blood, you may have been living under a rock for the last 5 years, but there is plenty of time to catch up before the seventh, and final season, airs in summer 2014.

Since its debut in 2008, True Blood has been HBO’s most popular show, second only to iconic mob show The Sopranos. Based on Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series, True Blood offered a vampire show for the people who love vampires, but don’t love the sparkling variety the YA genre has made popular. So what made True Blood a hit, and what can you look forward to in the final season?

WARNING: May contain spoilers!

The Sex

HBO has never been one to pull punches when it comes to NSFW content on their shows. True Blood is no exception to that rule. Apparently sex with vampires is wilder, more intense and way naughtier. Makes sense, considering they have super strength, endless stamina, and zero inhibitions. Throughout the seasons, we have seen every character get it on with wild abandon. Sookie Stackhouse in particular is no stranger to supernatural sex, as she’s had encounters with vampires Bill, Eric and Warlow, as well as jacked werewolf, Alcide.

And who can forget the epic orgy that was most of season 2?

The Blood

Wherever vampires are, there is going to be copious amounts of blood. The premise of True Blood revolves around the fact that scientists have developed a substitute for human blood that allows (in theory) for humans and vampires to coexist peacefully. But of course, the real thing is always better. Fangtasia is a bar where vampires and humans can mingle and engage in mutually beneficial activities.

While the effect of human blood on vampires is obvious, vampire blood (or V) has a drug-like effect on humans. They experience heightened senses, increased strength and a huge boost in libido. More than one person in Bon Temps has found themselves addicted to V.

Vampire blood also has healing properties that have saved Sookie’s and her friend’s lives multiple times. But that, of course, leads to intense sexual attraction and naughty dreams about the vampire whose blood they consumed…

The One-Liners

True Blood may be a serious show about vampires, but some of the characters are, well, characters. In a world full of every supernatural creature you can imagine, there are bound to be some eccentrics. Whether it is Jason stating the obvious, Lafayette being flamboyant, or Pam’s sarcasm, one-liners make the show even more fun to watch.

The best lines are the ones that make fun of pop culture, reminding us that the True Blood world is just like ours.. except for all those vampires.

Lafayette: “That’s the sickest sh*t I’ve ever seen. And I watch Dance Moms!”

Miss Elder Fairy: “Ke$ha: for or against? She doesn’t really sing does she? She talks. I suppose that makes her some sort of a poet. That’s alarming, because her spelling is atrocious”

Alexander Skarsgaard and Joe Manganiello

Enough said.


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