Why Were Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose Hanging Out?

I know we’re all very tired after staying up super, super, insanely late (TO WATCH POLITICS), but wake the f*ck up because I’ve got news:

Early this morning, Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram pic of she and Amber Rose hanging out. The photo — aka work of art — was simply captioned, “Tea anyone?”


Amber Rose posted the photo too, labelling hers “Swingers.”

But heres why this matters. First, because these are two straight-up boss bitches and the idea of Kim and Amber hanging out makes me happy. Second, because last week — as we all recall — Kanye lost his shit on Wiz Khalifa after he thought Wiz had insulted Kim on Twitter (he didn’t), and ended up brutally dragging Amber (Wiz and Kanye’s ex) and Amber’s son in the process. (Which was so, so insanely awful and uncool.) Then, a few days later, Kanye finally apologized, saying, “God’s dream… Never speak on kids again…all love… all blessings,” so . . . sure.

But what do you think Kim and Amber talked about? What do you think they did? There is literally no more information about this hang than what I’ve given you above (as if I’d deprive anyone of essentially Kardashian news), so let’s just fill our heads with theories.

Here are the topics I think were covered:

– Kanye’s weak Twitter game

– How last week was stupid and it’s great that they’re above drama

– Kim’s braids

– Amber’s lipstick

– Their kids (they have cute kids!)

– Tea (whether they’d like to order some, what kind they’d like to order, should they go to high tea)

– Instagram filters

– Instagram captions

– Whether they’ve ever seen my personal Instagram

– How great my personal Instagram is

– What they did over the weekend

– The Iowa Caucus

– The joy of Donald Trump coming in second

– Whether Hillary or Bernie will do a better job as president and wouldn’t it be cool if there could be co-presidents

– Wolf Blitzer saying “oh em gee”

– Which Oscar-nominated movies they’ve seen

– Whether Leo really deserves the Oscar or if the Academy just wants him not to die for the sake of his “craft”

– How many times Leo referred to acting as “his craft” while accepting his SAG award

– Why The Revenant is/was overrated, sorry, but it’s the cold, hard (literally) truth

– But Brooklyn was great — Brooklyn was so good, you know?

– How the weather’s been unseasonably warm and while it’s nice to enjoy it, it’s actually very alarming

– Whether Leo is better as an actor or an activist

– The fact that it’s getting late and they should probably go home

– How nice it was to hang out and honestly don’t worry about last week, we’re both better than that

– *hand hug*

God, what a great hang.

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