Why Chloe Sevigny Won’t Do Sex Scenes Any More

Chloe Sevigny bared all in her interview for the January issue of Playboy “ including why she didn’t bare all for Big Love‘s last season, which begins in January.

Sevigny’s no stranger to sex scenes. She’s stripped down plenty of times for the HBO hit show, which she stars in alongside Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin. Sevigny’s also infamously known for her un-simulated oral sex scene with Vincent Gallo in The Brown Bunny.

But since her female co-stars wouldn’t do nude scenes on the show, Sevigny cut her exposure off at the knees for fear she’d be pigeonholed.

Although I have done nudity on the show, the other girls won’t do topless. I don’t want to be the show’s Samantha, like on Sex and the City – the only woman who’ll do nudity, Sevigny told Playboy. So I refused to do any more and there was a lot of back-and-forth about it.

Sevigny said her decision also comes from being more self conscious now than she used to be at the height of her explicit experimentation.

I’ve done many explicit sex scenes, but I’m not that interested in doing any more. I’m more self-aware now and wouldn’t be able to be as free, so why even do it?

Sevigny also gets into her drug past and what happens when you badmouth a show you star on in the interview. She even drops the baby bomb, saying she’d like to start a family. From Brown Bunny to Peter Rabbit, it looks like big changes for Sevigny following Big Love.

I’d like to find someone to procreate with — as sexy as that sounds, Sevigny said. If you’re out and about and fit the description, come up and say hi. I won’t bite. Well, maybe a little, if you’re lucky.

Okay, maybe not too much has changed.

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