Who’s the Most Followed Star on Instagram?

Honestly, it’s the world developments like these that define my life. (I say, while repressing all the more important developments for the sake of basking in pop culture’s warming glow.)

But anyway, you guys: it’s happened. Kim Kardashian is now the most-followed person on Instagram.

Time reports that it was a close race between Beyonce and Kim K for a while, but the socialite-turned-businesswoman has hit the 44-million mark, officially leaving Queen Bey in the dust. (I mean, not really: Beyonce still has 43, 935, 648 followers, where Kim now has 44, 005, 604. And I was excited to hit 1800 the other day.)

So why? Well, according to Tech Insider, both Kim and Beyonce post photos of their families/children, but unlike Beyonce, Kim posts more often and includes quite personal captions. (See: the one in which she proved she wasn’t using a surrogate.) People love personal revelations, you guys. And they will follow the shit out of anyone who indulges.

Not me, though. I even unfollowed Harry Styles the other day because damn it, the guy  just won’t follow me back.

In the meantime, here are the app’s top 10 (minus Instagram itself):

1) Kim Kardashian, 44, 005, 604

2) Beyonce, 43, 935, 648

3) Taylor Swift, 43, 533, 226

4) Selena Gomez, 41, 843, 095

5) Ariana Grande, 41, 696, 873

6) Justin Bieber, 36, 994, 254

7) Kendall Jenner, 35, 388, 483

8) Kylie Jenner, 33, 703, 166

9) Nicki Minaj, 32, 278, 123

10) Khloe Kardashian, 30, 522, 261

11) Anne T. Donahue, 1878

You’re welcome for the knowledge, everybody.

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