What Did Michelle Obama Wear to the SOTU?

Last night's State of the Union address brought the house down more than a few times (thanks especially to President Obama's sick "I won both times" burn aimed at the Republican party members who cheered about this being his last term), and, as per every year, eyes were also on Michelle Obama's fashion choices.

So, assuming you all watched the SOTU and we're all comfortable putting politics aside for a minute to talk style, what did FLOTUS wear? Answer: literally something we've seen on The Good Wife. (YES.)

Unlike the dresses of past SOTU events, Obama opted for a suit this year — one from Michael Kors 2013 collection. The jacket is still available online for $795 on Ebay. Although she replaced the original skirt with something a little more modest, since the original saw a thigh-high zippered slit, Obama was still all-business — leaving the fashion-obsessed to presume her Good Wife take implies she might be following in Florrick's lawyer-turned-politician's wife's footsteps (though reversed, I guess). 

So what did Michael Kors have to say about this?

"The state of style," he tweeted. "Pretty powerful." (Um, duh.)

Here's to Michelle Obama's continued domination of the businesswear game. (And to more of Justice Ginsburg's black gloves.)

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