Wear Monica Lewinsky’s Wardrobe

Oh boy. Remember the '90s, you guys? The scandals? The impeachments? How many of us were too young to truly understand what everyone was talking about when they referred to Monica Lewinsky's dress? Well, an auction is about to take us all down memory lane. According to New York Magazine, the former intern's wardrobe is about to go to auction.

During the 1998 impeachment scandal, Lewinsky's then-"lover" (why that word is used in this day and age I'll never know), Andy Bleiler turned over 32 pieces of Lewinsky's clothing to prosecutor Kenneth Starr.

Now, Bleiler's ex-wife is putting the collection up for auction via Nate D. Sanders Auctions, and frankly, it's a '90s dream: a "sheer black floor-length negligee by City Culture," "three sealed and slightly crushed boxes of presidential M&Ms," "handwritten notes and greeting cards signed by Lewinsky," "a letter typed on White House stationary and signed by Clinton," and several pieces of clothing Lewinsky gave to Bleiler's ex.

And no blue dress. (Which, honestly, is for the best, let's be serious.)

NBC says the lot will fetch around $25 000 – $50 000 by the auction's close on Thursday, so if you've got a little extra cash floating around and want some iconic '90s pieces, you've got a chance to be part of history. Sort of.

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