Was It All Just a TV Show?

While for the most part we can all just agree that the Kardashians will never, ever be kept up with (thank goodness), the latest development in the Kris/Kim debacle has an interesting twist: yesterday, the artist-formerly-known-as-Kim’s-husband filed for annulment on the “grounds of fraud”.

And according to a family law expert speaking to People magazine, the two’s vastly different approach to the union’s end (Kim has filed for divorce), implies a serious problem.

“There’s a clear conflict if one spouse is seeking a divorce and, but the other wants an anullment,” he explained. “A judge will have to decide which to allow, which could take many months.”

(That awkward moment when a couple’s divorce proceedings take longer than the marriage itself.)

However, a “source” close to Kim maintains there won’t be an issue: “She always wanted an annulment but attorneys were against it so she’s happy that both parties agreed.”

So an annulment they will – probably – have. And according to the state of California, a “nutility” is granted if the court finds that no valid marriage actually occurred. So is this when we all realize that we just witnessed the greatest-worst performance in television history?


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