Want An Attractive Baby?

Just when you thought the world couldn’t possibly get any more shallow, the controversial dating site, BeautifulPeople.com, has just launched a sperm bank that allows the most vapid of clients to shop for a genetic match worthy of a beauty pageant.

Not familiar with BeautifulPeople.com?  (That’s okay “ I wasn’t either.)  The website was founded in Denmark by Robert Hintze in 2001, and immediately earned attention for its hotties only policy.  Then earlier this year, over 5000 people were eliminated from its roster after gaining a few pounds over the holidays (because really “ it is only the outside that matters).  In fact, the emotionally-sensitive Danish millionaire offered up the following statement at the time: Letting fatties roam on the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which BeautifulPeople.com was founded.  (What a peach.)

Apparently, the sperm bank concept was due to a high demand of clients seeking attractive donors, and according to Managing Director Greg Hodge, Every parent would like their child to be blessed with many fine attributes, attractiveness being one of the most sought after.  (Oh “ so intelligence, a sense of humour and various other attributes are now considered second string.)

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sperm banks, but when it comes to basing everything on superficiality, it’s time to re-evaluate what kind of society we live in.  With 600 000 people listed as members, you can only hope there’s at least 600 000 more out there who are much more three-dimensional.

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