Is Uniqlo Coming to Canada?

Popular Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo might soon be making its way to the Great White North. The brand is currently in negotiations to open Canadian stores in 2016. 

Uniqlo is currently the fourth largest fashion retailer in the world, following behind Zara, H&M, and Gap, with 1,300 stores in 14 countries. Canadians have become fans of the brand while travelling abroad, and many of us have been hoping it would make it's way here soon

“Uniqlo is one of the finest fashion retailers on the planet and it has refined and fine-tuned its offering to an unprecedented level within the fast-fashion community,” said Anthony Stokan, partner at Anthony Russell and Associates, a Toronto-based shopping centre consultancy. “It has a broad appeal to men and women in that it’s fashionable without being fashion-forward. It is not about being edgy and of the minute. Its strength is in colour and classic style.”

According to sources cited by the Financial Post, Uniqlo is in the advanced stages of negotiations to lease a 35,000-square foot space at Yorkdale mall in Toronto. They added that the retailer is hoping to open both mall and street-front locations. 

However, Uniqlo has plenty of competition here in Canada. From the arrivals of stores like Forever21 and H&M, as well as Canada's own Joe Fresh. 

“Consumers have embraced Joe Fresh, and I think this could be a surprise to Uniqlo in this market, because there is a lot of parallel in their offering at a competitive price,” said Stokan. “Much like Uniqlo, people are happy to mix Joe Fresh with something else that is dressier or more expensive. Pricing is almost always an issue. If a brand is well-recognized by the obsessive fashionista, then they run the risk of being disappointed [in Canada] by the price points and the perception of value.”

I, for one, am pretty stoked about this possibility. Uniqlo is a great place to find basics, as well as funkier pieces to add a little spice to your wardrobe. Their graphic tees are unique, often funny and adorable, and their more subtle fashions are full of chic, clean and classic lines. With their reasonable prices, you can't really go wrong with Uniqlo. 

Are you excited to get Uniqlo in Canada?

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