Toronto is Canada’s Most “Promiscuous” City

Well, we did it, Toronto. We are officially Canada’s most promiscuous city, according to a poll by the dating site (which is for sure just as good as Stats Canada).

Of all 12,700 men polled (#NotAllMen), 37% claimed to have more than seven sexual partners per year — outside of Toronto, where that number is actually more than double (79%).

Victoria and Gatineau followed closely, and Quebec City came in last with 62%.

But don’t totally freak out — evidently, this poll had more to do with city population than it did actual, life, sociological habits.

“The most promiscuous cities tend to get a higher footfall throughout the year,” said founder and CEO Brandon Wade. “Most people correlate promiscuity with having ‘dating game,’ when it really depends on opportunity.”

So: the higher the population, the higher the promiscuity. Sure? But who are these men? What are their jobs? What’s their deal? Where are they going? Give us some backstory, basically, is what I’m saying. We have no idea who these guys are. And also — and I’m just playing devil’s advocate here — don’t surveys make it easy to stretch the truth?

Either way, if you’re looking to hook up, Toronto, my friend, is for you. (I guess?)

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