Tina Fey Gets An Intern

Rom-com fans and 30 Rock lovers, this one’s for you: Tina Fey is pegged to star in the upcoming Nancy Meyers film, The Intern.

Set to revolve around the platonic relationship between a businesswoman and her 70-year-old male intern, the two form a terrific bond as the senior becomes indespensible to her company. Tina Fey will star as the businesswoman (a founder of an “e-business with a fashion focus,” to be specific) while the older male actor has yet to be announced. However, Nancy Meyers has said that in addition to Tina Fey, there is an actor in mind, but nothing’s set in stone.

(Sounds like this could very well be The Holiday minus everything but the Kate Winslet and Eli Wallach sublot. Thus, fantastic.)

The Intern is reportedly being financed and distributed by Paramount and Scott Rudin will produce.

Of course, this news comes on the heels of Tina Fey’s recent revelation that 30 Rock might be ending sometime soon. Confirming Alec Baldwin is still part of the cast, she told The View that it can’t go on forever, and that the show’s conclusion is “on the horizon.”

This is the part where we begin reading Bossypants every day until The Intern comes out.

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