The Tiger Is Tamed

Tiger Woods may still be trying to cure his ˜sex addiction’, but his long-term love of golf isn’t going anywhere.

Woods announced yesterday that he would be returning to golf in this year’s Masters, stating, Although I’m returning to competition, I still have a lot of work to do in my personal life.

Since the now-infamous car crash in November and ensuing sex scandal, Woods has kept an intrinsically low profile bar his recent public apology. That said, his return to the circuit is already being dubbed the biggest media spectacle in recent memory by CBS.

And I’m sure it will be, for mixed reasons.

For his fellow professional golfers, the Tiger-gate scandal has been nothing but an unwelcome distraction drawing attention away from the sport. Returning to play will not only make this year’s tournament perhaps one of the most watched in history, but will also return the focus to Tiger’s golf.

Well, for the most part.

For the millions of disappointed and disillusioned fans, Tiger’s return to golf is as much about personal redemption as it is professional. I’m sure many will find it hard to watch golf’s once-golden boy return to the green after seeing him in such a different light.

Besides, with Tiger’s proximity to white blonde women being monitored more closely than the orbit of Sputnik, I’m sure there will be plenty more than golf to watch.

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