Coach Clothing Has Launched!

We have talked and talked and heard about and heard about Coach Clothing for what seems like eons. Well, guess what: we've delivered (the news). Coach Clothing has finally arrived.

However, if you're on a budget, you may want to think about saving before impulse shopping. The collection looks extremely high end — because it is. A rabbit fur tunic runs for about $1798, while a wool blend cape is going for $698. This makes sense, since Coach CEO Victor Luis told WWD back in June that the brand looked to compete with the likes of Mulberry and Celine, saying we could expect "a $5000, $2000, $3000 Coach bag in the future."

So the future is now, it seems — sort of. Arguably, if you're into investment pieces, picking up a few pieces of the Coach Clothing line won't be on par with buying a $5000 bag, but the brand certainly isn't for anyone with a $100 and a smile.

As for the collection itself? This very minimal. This isn't a bad thing (at all), but don't expect flashy "C"s or over-the-top designs. The styles are clean, elegant, and wearble, and even the plaid shirt dress ($498), has a very tailored feel.

You can check out the collection here, and yes, they ship to Canada. Time to start your Christmas shopping, perhaps? (For yourself?)

[image via Coach]

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