Taylor Swift is a Cover Girl

When you think Cover Girl, you automatically think girl next door, fresh-faced, glowing and famous “ so what better person to fill these guidelines than the one and only Miss Taylor Swift?

The country music darling has just landed herself a (likely multi-million dollar) cosmetic deal with the legendary company that will see her appear on television, in print and on in-store advertising.   Cover Girl’s general manager recently released the following statement:

Taylor is beautiful, inspiration with an effortless-chic style, making her the perfect person to represent a new, luxurious collection of products debuting on Cover Girl next year.

Sounds about right.  And since Cover Girl boasts a history of selecting the most lovely and relevant pop culture icons (frankly, any brand that enlists Ellen is my type of brand), T-Swift seems like the ideal choice.  So what did she have to say?

I like a natural look in my everyday life . . . When I go onstage, I get to play with my look.  So you get to play around with all these different characters, and I think that’s one of my favourite things about makeup “ you can put on a new character.

So just when you didn’t think Taylor couldn’t get any cuter, she does.  And with Cover Girl maintaining the accessible aesthetic, you have to applaud them for enlisting today’s official spokesperson for girl next door.

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