Speidi No More (?)

Just when you thought the force that was Speidi couldn’t possibly do anything else to get us talking, it’s been recently announced that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have parted ways.  (Cue: loud, globally-heard WHAT?!)

A publicist for The Hills has just announced that yes, the split is real, going on to say as you can imagine it’s crazy right now.  She’s trying to lay low for the next couple days.  What I can say is that it’s a separation for now, not divorce.

So basically, one of two things has happened: 1) Heidi isn’t as hopeless as we thought “ there’s a chance she may have retained some sort of free thought despite the influence that is the crystal-loving Spencer Pratt.  Or 2) they have the most ingenious publicist in the world “ which is likely what we’re all about to realize.

The moral of the story is that despite our best efforts, the two have somehow got our attention once more (curses!).  With Heidi’s recent I have no friends declarations and the pity’s she’s brought upon herself throughout the last couple seasons (I mean years), we can only hope she’s come to her senses and removed herself from an incredibly damaging situation.  But in reality?  Who’s betting we’re about to be inundated with their make-up and break-up legacy for the next six months?  

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