Sillybandz Are Hollywood’s Hottest Accessory

Wonder what Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary Kate Olsen, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Neil Patrick Harris and grade school kids everywhere have in common? Well, it’s their devotion to Sillybandz. Sillybandz are the $5 accessory (You can find them at Indigo or Chapters in Canada) that first cropped up on the playgrounds in the US and now have made their way to the wrists of some of Hollywood’s biggest trendsetters. We’ve seen them on commercials, in music videos and on the wrists of “kids nowadays” – but what in the world are Sillybandz and should adults even consider them?

Scientifically speaking (and to make this as technical as possible), Sillybandz are silicone rubber bands that form shapes when you put them down (animals, objects, letters), and take on a “fun” and/or “funky” aesthetic when you slip them on your wrist.  (Basically – imagine a Livestrong bracelet with a mind of its own.)

Hello Kitty Silly Bandz

They’re fun, they can be used as hair ties and you can collect them. Basically, Sillybandz are the 2010 equivalent to the slap and wrap bracelets of the late 1980s, or the “Buddy Bands” made famous by Zack Morris, AC Slater and the gang.  (“Hey – they work.”)  So really – should we wear them or do we leave them to the kids?

Well, like all “youth-oriented” trends, the key is moderation. While you may see teens in all their kitsch glory stacking them up like hemp necklaces in the 90s, if you want to be taken seriously as a fashion icon, you may want to avoid wearing something resembling a dinosaur.  But if you’re already rocking a vintage sweater, oversize plaid or copious amounts of layers (tights, shorts, t-shirt, 90s floral vest), then why not?  Fashion is meant to be fun, and while no one encourages the hoarding of animal or vehicular-shaped accessories, embrace the name and own it wholeheartedly.

Unless you work at a law firm or in a career with a dress code – then maybe lay off the silly.

Justin Bieber Silly Bandz

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