A Selfie for a Good Cause!

Rejoice, fellow frozen friends (I like alliteration): National Sweater Day is coming up. And in addition to encourage you to bundle up (because we now live in a tundra), WWF is encouraging you to take a photo and help lower the thermostat (by wearing a sweater instead of turning the heat up).


Let me answer that: February 6 marks National Sweater Day, so in celebration, you're encouraged to snap a selfie of yourself in a sweater, indicating you've also turned down the heat in your house. Those selfies will then go on to be part of a virtual sweater being knit "in real time." So every time a #selfie is uploaded onto Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram showcasing said sweaters with the hashtag, #SweaterDay, another piece of the "virtual sweater" comes together, which you can check out at sweaterday.ca.

"Scientists around the world have confirmed that climate change will have serious negative impacts on nature, the economy, and society," explains David Miller, WWF President and CEO. "As Canadians, we need to improve our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy conservation is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to do it."

So with that in mind, start snapping #selfies and sweater up on National Sweater Day! A little goes a long way.

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