Say it ain’t so, Babs!

Mark your calendars: this year’s Oscar night is set to be historical (and not just because of the dozens of films nominated for Best Picture).  Barbara Walters “ legendary media icon and host of her annual pre-Oscar special “ has revealed that this year’s show will be her last.

Despite ABC’s offer to continue the legacy, Walter admits that while the experience has been wonderful, she feels as though she’s been there [and] done that, having received a lap dance from Hugh Jackman, tango lessons from Al Pacino and the opportunity to sit down with screen legend, Bette Davis.  (One of these things is not like the other . . .)

However, she promises to air on Oscar night 2010, and has planned to chat with Oscar nominees Mo’Nique and Sandra Bullock.  Will a mysterious third guest be announced or can we bank on a montage of her finest pre-show moments?  (Which wouldn’t exactly be a bad thing, considering she once confessed to being hit on by Clint Eastwood “ or was it Robert Redford?  Regardless, Ms. Walter’s got game and some serious interview credibility.)

So keep March 7 free and clear “ if not for the Academy Awards, then for Babs’ official swan song.  After 30 years of pre-Oscar discussion, we can at least be thankful that her 10 Most Fascinating People promises to continue.  (Right?  RIGHT!?)

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