Royal Wedding Best-Kept Secrets Revealed On the Big Day

Catherine Middleton “ or should I say Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge “ has officially become the most envied woman on the planet. She walked into Westminster Abbey this morning as a commoner, and left a princess “ not to mention the fact that she married the people’s prince charming, Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis Windsor.

She’s truly living out every little girl’s fantasy, and everything you could dream up in your head came true on her wedding day. William and Kate were given the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Royal Wedding wasn’t exactly an open book from the get-go though. A lot of us royal-enthusiasts, or royal-obsessed if you prefer, had to wait until the big day to have some of the best-kept secrets revealed.

A-list guests included David and Victoria Beckham, who were both dressed to the nines. Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish attended the big day and Guy Ritchie, who’s reportedly a friend of William’s, was there as well. Besides the Hollywood stars we’d all love to meet some day, there were a host of country leaders and other important people we’ll probably never get the chance to rub elbows with. One can dream though!

Bets were even going on about the colour of the Queen’s hat, and just so you know, she arrived in a lemon yellow outfit, with a perfectly matched hat, fit for a queen.

Now for the most important part: the dress everyone was talking about.

It couldn’t have been easy keeping the design under wraps. But as soon as Kate Middleton stepped out of the Rolls Royce with her father and headed inside Westminster Abbey, the wait was well worth it. She wore an ivory and white satin gown with lace sleeves and a medium-length train, adorned with daffodils, shamrocks and other flowers. The dress of the century was designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Apparently the team of lace workers washed their hands every 30 minutes and replaced needles every three hours to keep the lace in its pristine condition.

Her hair was a half-up, half-down style and she held it up with a sparkling tiara, because really, what else would a princess wear? The halo-inspired tiara was Kate’s something borrowed from Queen Elizabeth II. The Cartier tiara was given to the Queen, then a Princess, as an 18th birthday present.

She looked beautiful walking down the marathon-aisle of Westminster Abbey where her Prince awaited her. William wore a red tunic of an Irish Guards officer.

Kate was glowing and William could hardly contain his smile. The couple didn’t follow traditional vows and promise to love, honour and obey, because let’s face it it’s not 1605. Instead, the royal couple opted to promise to love, comfort, honour and keep one another, according to eonline.

When the couple finished saying I Will, they continued the fairytale-theme and left Westminster Abbey in a horse-drawn carriage over to Buckingham Palace.

One million Londoners cheered them on in the streets and an estimated 2 billion people around the world tuned in to watch the fairytale unfold.

Then the kiss of the century came. The kiss itself was more of a simple peck, but it will remain in everyone’s minds forever. After all, too much PDA in front of your grandmother, parents, and not to mention thousands of people is just plain awkward!

This moment was the first time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared a kiss in public. As the crowd cheered and asked for an encore.

Now that it’s all over, and we can no longer live vicariously through Catherine Middleton’s wedding, we’ll just have to wait to find another wedding to obsess over.

But at least we’ve still got the world’s most eligible bachelor in Prince Harry to swoon over. He’s more my type anyway!

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