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Natalie Portman Ties The Knot

The details of the Portman-Millepied wedding

Natalie Portman and partner Benjamin Millepied got married this weekend in Big Sur, California in a Jewish ceremony at a private home.

Guests included Ivanka Trump and Macauley Culkin, and according to the Evening Standard, the wedding was “for their closet friends and family” and was “a very relaxed affair.”

The wedding was actually no secret, as the Standard ran the story before Natalie Portman and Benjami Millepied’s big day.

“Natalie and Ben will marry in Big Sur,” said the piece. “It’s one of Natalie’s favourite places — whenever she needs a break from LA she goes there.”

Evidently, the wedding was so “relaxed” that Portman didn’t send out invites and she was considering not even buying a dress. Not that her casual take on the wedding reflects her feelings towards Benjamin.

“Nothing is more important than my personal life,” she said recently in an interview with Madame Figaro. “It’s something that comes first, always makes sense, and compared to the happiness of a successful family life, everything else is practically superficial.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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