Rodarte For … Starbucks?

Never in a thousand years did any of us see this coming: Rodarte is teaming up with Starbucks, and designing nifty-gifties for the holiday season.

The line — started by Kate and Laura Mulleavy — has always been ahead of the curve in terms of fashion, so OF COURSE they’re the first designers to try teaming up with Starbucks. The limited-time pieces — a coffee mug, a reusable sleeve, gift cards and a tote bag — will be branded with a pixelated print of grey, white and silver set against Starbucks-green (so don’t worry, your computer isn’t doing something weird).

According to AP, Starbucks is hoping the collaboration will “put [them] on the map as a true inspirational gifting destination,” while Rodarte just felt that teaming up with the brand was a natural call.

“We felt we had a broad audience of customers,” Kate and Laura said. “We look for unique and differentiated, not necessarily looking for ‘mainstream.’ People buy with their eyes.”

Well there you have it. As of November 13, you can get the collection for yourself, and you can find it online at and as well as select Starbucks.

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