Rihanna’s New Album is Out, So Drop Everything & Listen

Last night I was out eating chicken fingers and I figured that after Kanye West’s Twitter freak-out (and Amber Rose’s major response), the Internet would deliver nothing of relevance to me for the next 24 hours and I have never been so wrong about anything in my life.

Read: Rihanna’s “ANTI” is now online, and I downloaded Tidal to get it.

Yes. I did. I downloaded TIDAL. Me. I just paid $10 on top of the $$$ I will pay for this album on iTunes because that’s what you do when you want to support an artist with every fibre of your being like a fiend and/or a person with absolutely zero chill. But whatever. I’m a grown-ass woman and this is how I choose to spend my money and also my time.

So anyway, ANTI. It’s here. It’s here after pirates (Johnny Depp) (just kidding) nearly uploaded it and ruined everything for everyone a.k.a. after Tidal accidentally uploaded it for 30 seconds yesterday in a move that I’m sure resulted in somebody being fired. 13 tracks, 43 glorious minutes, and none of the singles we’ve heard so far. (Unless the deluxe version has them on Friday.)

And how do we all feel about this?

Well I feel great. Just great. I like this album a lot, and I needed new Rihanna in my life because I am a human person who requires an onslaught of good things in order to live in a rich and wonderful way. Are there songs I will skip after replaying this album until I’m kind of sick of it? Absolutely. Am I going to tell you what they are? Absolutely not, because this is your time to marinate on ANTI and I’m not going to ruin it for you with my own “listen to this, skip this” feelings. You need to determine your own feelings. This isn’t a drill anymore. It’s ANTI in real time, and you’re going to be listening to it all year, so this is your journey.

Anyway, what a crazy 24 hours it’s been. It seems like just yesterday Kanye had a little more chill and Rihanna didn’t have an album or any new songs yet. And now here we are, living our best and most beautiful lives and trying to compartmentalize our thoughts so we can get through the day. I’m not sure I’ll be able to, so if you need me, I’ll be on Twitter dot com, probably lamenting on the past (day). And if you are Kanye, I would also like to say I am currently wearing cool pants.

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