Ricky Martin comes out

Eleven years after questions initially arose, Ricky Martin confirmed everyone’s suspicions by officially coming out “ bolding stating on his official website that: I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am. (I love this, and I love his honesty.)

Sure, we could all cite our initial 90’s doubts, or point fingers at Martin for not coming out earlier, but frankly the fact that he’s chosen to share anything with us at all is incredibly impressive. (Regardless of the fact that he announced it while working on his memoirs “ meaning: high publicity.)

I guess all of this brings about the question of whether or not we all still care.

Regardless of the fact that gossip blogs and pop culture aficionados are reporting on it, isn’t it mostly for the I told you so factor as opposed to groundbreaking media news? (Or at least that’s my angle. I mean, if you really believed the man was straight . . . well, there’s really nothing witty I can say about that.)

Regardless, it’s great that Ricky Martin has the courage to live as an out and open man, thus hopefully inspiring younger people to do the same. And frankly, even if he’s not inspiring people, the fact that he’s got the guts to be honest with himself should be applauded nonetheless.

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