Is Pippa Middleton Simon Cowell’s New Protege?

Because the industry just isn’t what it used to be (or maybe it is), Simon Cowell has recently said that he’d like to make Pippa Middleton a star – regardless of her not being a singer.

In an interview with Life & Style magazine, the producer-meets-industry heavyweight implied that vocals -or lack thereof – wouldn’t necessarily make a difference: “I haven’t heard her sing, but if she walked in and said ‘I want to be a TV star,’ I would sign her on the spot.”

“She has the X factor,” he continued. “To overshadow your sister when she’s the one getting married? That was impressive.”

(Well that makes sense. Obviously she should be the next big thing.)

But heaven knows the man’s not alone: TLC recently aired the hour-long special, Crazy About Pippa which merely adds to the hype surrounding the 27-year-old Englishwoman who’s come under the spotlight since her sister Kate’s nuptuals. Maybe Simon’s just ahead of the game – and we’ll be seeing a lot more of “the other Middleton” before we know what hit us.

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