The Originals: Episode 4 Recap

Music festivals are fantastic. You can walk around, take in all kinds of different tunes and maybe even meet a new love interest – or check up on an old one. Only in The Originals would it bring out supernatural beings playing out their power struggle.
This episode centred around the Dauphine Street Music Festival. Little witch Davina somehow convinces Marcel to let her free from her mystery prison to wander the streets – although not without a chaperone. He asks Cami to hang out with Davina on her night out, although not before Klaus enlists her to work for him and compels her to do his bidding. He offers her a job as stenographer for his memoirs… then gets right into telling her about his current conflict with Marcel. And just like that, she now knows about vampires and witches.
As soon as Davina hits the street, we see why she was so desperate to attend: a love interest. But Klaus notices too, and he promises Rebekah he will rob Marcel of his secret weapon and bring their brother home – killing two birds with one stone.
While Davina’s pining away for her young crush, the other ladies have other things going on. 
Hayley heads out to the Bayou for a prenatal checkup set up by a witch. Except she’s actually walking right into a trap: the witch calls in some backup we haven’t seen before, but Hayley manages to escape. 
Rebekah goes on a hunt to find Davina’s hiding place and succeeds. She opens the door to the church attic where Marcel has stashed his precious witch just as Elijah is waking up – it seems Davina removed his dagger – but he won’t leave because he’s too curious about Davina and, as always, jaded about finding peace.
Then it’s back to Dauphine Street where Davina and Tim, the object of her affection, meet up in the church. She says she misses him from school, he plays his violin for her, it’s supposed to be a moment… but there’s something lacking here. Not a lot of chemistry. 
But wait! No moment (whether with or without chemistry) can last very long in vamp-land. Just as things are supposed to be getting good for Davina, Klaus walks in and comes face to face with her for the first time. He tries to woo her to his team, promising to protect her just as Marcel does but also allowing her some freedom. When that doesn’t work, he ends up threatening per precious boytoy and she blows out the church’s windows with her “witchy juju.” Klaus ends up tossing him over the balcony, then saving him to get Davina on his side. She owes him one. Klaus compels Tim to forget he ever saw Davina (now that part was kind of sad).
Back in the woods, Hayley fights off her attackers. Rebekah arrives in the middle of the action but can't stop an arrow from piercing Hayley in the chest before she disappears from Rebekah's view. When she stumbles out of the woods to find the two Mikaelson siblings, they’re amazed at her good condition and realize her child, with Klaus’s blood in her system, healed Hayley exceptionally fast. She claims “the wolf” that’s been padding around protected her, which seems kind of Twilight-esque, in a way. We'll be learning more about that beast soon, I'm sure.
Shocker of the episode: Cami’s brother Shawn was an aspiring priest who suddenly killed all his cohorts in the church where Davina ends up hidden. She tortures herself trying to figure out what happened but Klaus compels her to stop trying to find answers and to move on. His speech to her is more touching than anything between Tim and Davina (so far).
Biggest “finally!” moment: Elijah up on his feet, confronting Davina. 
Only disappointment: Not hearing more music from the Dauphine Street Music Festival. It’s a real street in the French Quarter and the music’s probably worth hearing!

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