One Million Strong for Katy Perry?

Just when we thought Glee couldn’t possibly infiltrate pop culture any more, California Girls-singing Katy Perry has asked her fans to start a Betty White-esque Facebook campaign to land her on the hit TV show.

When asked her thoughts on the show, the singer gushed: Please!  I would love somebody to start that Facebook group and persuade them.  I would absolutely love that.  To which her fiancé© Russell Brand responded, [she’s] a brilliant actress.

Okay, fair “ getting on the show would be fantastic, and I have no doubt of Perry’s ability to carry a tune and deliver lines simultaneously, but Russell, it’s okay: a guest appearance doesn’t exactly require an Academy-Award winning performance.  (Meaning?  You don’t need to convince us of her acting skills “ she’s famous.  She’ll get the job.)

Now this brings the famous people linked to Glee count to four, with Justin Timberlake, Leona Lewis and Victoria Beckham having already declared their desire to appear on the show.  So the real question of the hour: is the show that once made everyone raise their eyebrows in unanimous huh? fashion about to be the show of this generation?  (Or is it already?)

All I ask is that the lovely Ms. Perry refrains from singing California Girls “ or at least brings Snoop Dogg to high school with her.

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