Olivia Palermo returns to TV

Surprise, surprise: we’ve got another Hills spin-off in our midst. But unlike the train wreck that would’ve been Spencer and Heidi: Married and Loving It (or what we can only assume to be the title), and the upcoming “it’s to be expected” Lauren Conrad series, this next television venture stars the the villain we all love to hate.

That’s right, boys and girls, Olivia Palermo is getting her own series detailing the trials and tribulations of – wait for it – starting up her own fashion line. (So for the record: this isn’t The City. Or Lauren Conrad’s new show. This is something entirely different – because it stars Olivia.) Though sadly, in case you’re wondering when, we don’t have an answer for you. The aspiring designer shared her upcoming plans via a Spanish magazine, and it was back in November when we initially caught wind of a new TV adventure with the ultimate fashion heavyweight.

But let’s be serious, this will be interesting. While we were supposed to embrace the wide world of Whitney Port circa The City, it was the likes of Kelly Cutrone and Ms. Palermo that really kept everyone’s attention – especially during the Olivia/Erin feud that put most workplace tensions to shame.

So let’s hope the wonder that is Olivia Palermo’s yet-to-be-named television series is more realistic than the show Audrina was allegedly “shopping around” after it was declined by the mothership, MTV. Then again, there’s something a little more interesting about the inner workings of the fashion world compared to nights out at LAX – again.


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