Olivia Newton-John’s Ex Still AWOL

In an update for what is still one of the weirdest stories ever, Olivia Newton-John’s missing boyfriend has asked people to stop looking for him.

Patrick McDermott, 48, vanished in 2005, leaving a crushed Olivia making public pleas to find her beau, then presumed dead.

However, there have since been numerous sightings of McDermott, and recent voicemails confirm he is in fact alive on his own “ and he likes it that way.

Messages sent to NBC Dateline’s Philip Klein infer that he is living in Sayulita, Mexico, and has no intentions of returning to his life with the Grease beauty. He is safe and has started anew again in a new place both physically and mentally”, reads one. He also asks people to stop hounding him so he can enjoy his life in peace. Sheesh, talk about ungrateful.

After McDermott disappeared on a fishing trip, it was speculated he had been killed. However, sightings of him ignited a media frenzy that he had faked his own death in the hopes his son would receive his life-insurance.

I’m sorry “ please tell me someone else finds this whole story weird/hilarious at the same time?! This isn’t 1876, and Patrick McDermott is no Robinson Crusoe. You can’t just disappear in the age of technology and expect not to be found. Camera phones, faxes, email, video “ there are numerous ways to find someone who’s faked their own death. I just think it’s strange that a cameraman dating a former movie-star/singer would need to in the first place.

It’s a good thing Newton-John wasn’t too hopelessly devoted to McDermott; she has since married businessman John Easterling.

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