Gossip Girl Gets Even More Secret

Sarah Robinson here, one of your three Daily Whisper sources into the scandalous lives of Hollywood‘s elite. We know a thing or two about secrets at this website. But no one knows more than Gossip Girl, and now they’re proving it to the world.

Cast members of the hit CW show don’t even get to read entire scripts any more. Now, when they get their scripts, their lines are the only ones visible.

Spotted: Ed Westwick giving nymag.com’s Vulture all the juicy details at Tommy Hilfiger’s show Friday.

We’ve actually been getting secret scripts, said Westwick. I’ll get one with my lines on it, and then the script that everybody else gets is all X’d out. So, top secret stuff right now, very secret.

Westwick said all the script secrecy is a security measure, but doesn’t know why it was started.

Later at the Diet Pepsi Style Studio launch, Kelly Rutherford helped Vulture pick apart the half-eaten script speculation.

They’re actually crossing out parts of the script, and we won’t even get it until the day we’re shooting, said Rutherford. They’re all red, and you can’t copy them. They won’t even tell us [what’s going to happen] any more.

Martin Settle knew better than to let Westwick and Rutherford have all the fun. He had two theories about what could be the cause, said Vulture.

Theory one: Maybe the writers aren’t sure what they’re going to write yet, because they want to be up to date, said Settle. I mean, who knows what’s going to happen in Egypt, and what they might have to use as a social reference for the show. So there’s that aspect.

Theory two: They don’t want it leaking. They’ve gotten tight with everybody in the cast. In the past, there were too many loose lips sinking ships.

Well if that isn’t a phrase to put on a bumper sticker, I don’t know what is.

Could there be a bad apple in Gossip Girl‘s secret garden? That’s one secret I’ll never tell (because I don’t know).

Until next time, you know you love me.


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