Old Navy’s New Design Direction

Most chains are opting for new, already-established designer lines, but Old Navy’s taking their collection in a different direction: instead of courting couture names , Old Navy is choosing to “spotlight” internal design team members, allowing them to design a capsule collection.

Dubbed Old Navy’s “Studio Spotlight” line, Kim Brennecke is the first internal team member Old Navy is opting to feature.

Limited edition and found mainly online, you can shop the collection by heading to Old Navy’s official site, and also learn little tidbits about Kim Brennecke herself. Currently basing her designs around “Victorian chic,” San Francisco-based Brennecke went for a light and summery aesethetic that boasts florals and lace – but still lived up to Old Navy’s casual, wearable vibe.

Here’s to Old Navy hopefully starting a trend. While chain store/designer collaborations are important in their own right, featuring internal talent is crucial to keeping looks fresh and exciting.

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