Now You Can Shazam Fashion with Style-Eyes

Do you ever see somebody walking around and think, "Damn it. How dare that person dress so well and not run over to me telling me how they do it?" No, me neither. But I DO admire street style (just like everybody else), and would love to know where, say, so-and-so got that bag, or whether that coat is vintage or just very expensive.

Fortunately, those of us who covet things, our time has come: the Shazam-for-fashion app, Style-Eyes, is available from the app store now.

"Fashion is visual," said co-creator Bobby Pringle. "We shop with our eyes, and for the 79 per cent of people who use their mobile phone to help them shop, we wanted to give them a set of digital eyes to find what they really want."

The app works like this: if you see an outfit you like, you snap a photo and the free app (yes, free, friends) will tell you where you can buy it or offer similar options.

Obviously it's still early in the game so I'm sure there are some kinks to iron out, but you can get a better feel for it on the official site, too. (Just try to avoid being creepy taking these photos — because when you think about it, things could get weird real quick.)

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