Calvin Klein Eternity Celebrates Anniversary by Reissuing Christy Turlington Ad

Calvin Klein is getting nostalgic as they celebrate the 25th anniversary of their iconic fragrance, Eternity. They have reissued an ad from 1995 starring Christy Turlington and Dutch model Mark Vanderloo. 

The photo in the ad remains the same with the added caption, "Time can't touch us. Celebrating 25 years." The ad will be be featured in May and June 2014 magazines. 

Using nostalgia as a campaign focal point seems to be a trend with Calvin Klein. Last summer, the brand brought Turlington (who arguably became famous for her Calvin Klein underwear ads in the 90s) back for a stunning lingerie ad, 25 years after she first posed for them. 

More recently, the fashion brand launched the "My Calvins" social media campaign, which encouraged Klein lovers to upload photos of themselves with visible Calvin Klein underwear waistbands to Twitter and Instagram. The trend was made famous more than 20 years ago by Kate Moss and Marky Mark (aka Mark Wahlberg), who starred in iconic underwear ads, showing off their own Calvin Klein waistbands. I was really hoping we had put this trend to rest for good, but a quick search on Twitter and Instagram is telling me otherwise. Even celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Miranda Kerr has participated. 

What do you think of Calvin Klein's 90s throwback? 

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  1. Avatar
    • anonymus
    • June 1, 2014
    I had a bottle of this perfume in the 90s, is a right scent for the cold months until spring and weekends or holidays but for everyday days.
    Christy should never have ceased to be the image of the advertising campaign. She fits perfectly with the message that this perfume is to give the public, that is, the idea of ​​family togetherness and a lasting marriage. She has a serene look and a timeless face that is perfect for advertising that tries to give this perfume.

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