5 Unique Wedding Rings

A simple, slim, often yellow gold band is what we're used to seeing in the world of wedding rings. But what if you were to throw caution to the wind and choose something different? Something that is unique or perhaps more reflective of your love for each other? Here are five unique, and less than common choices for a wedding ring to consider for your I do's.



1) Birks Muse Pearl Collection $550


Peach Pearl                                                              White Pearl

It's no surprise that the only organically created stone from a living creature was, for centuries, considered the most valuable, as well. A pearl also carries with it sentiments of purity, innocence and has been synonymous with a brides on their wedding day. Not only is a pearl classic and timeless, it's definitely a unique wedding ring option, seen in this rose gold and peach coloured pearl option from Birks (also available in white gold/white pearl).


2) Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Glam & Soul Ring $219

Not every aspect of your wedding needs to break the bank and with this option, you not only hit a low price point, you get a simple, stunning and unusual ring to join you and your spouse together. The double band is representative of a bond that cannot be broken.

3) Ben Moss Rose Gold Diamond Ring $1499


Half a carat worth of diamonds set in this intricately cut, deco style "anniversary" ring is without a doubt a showstopper. Rose gold surrounding a rose cut diamonds make this far from an anniversary ring, in our minds and instead a magnificent piece to last throughout the ages.


4) Tiffany & Co. emerald-cut emerald ring with diamonds in 18k gold and platinum Pricing available upon request

Of course a ring from Tiffany's would make it to this list, but perhaps not for any reason you may be thinking. The iconic jewellery house has created a name for itself with stunning designs to back up its claims of being able to make a girl giddy at ten paces at the sight of a robin’s egg blue box. If you're going Tiffany you're no doubt going big and, if you're going big, I say go. Consider an emerald for the big reason that a non-synthetic, real emerald is one of the most rare and expensive stones in the world. Diamonds are, for the most part, popular due to simple marketing over many decades.

5) The Devil's Workshop

Starting at $300/couple + cost of materials

If you're a purest at heart and you happen to like the simple, single, uniform look of a wedding band but wished there was some way to take it to the level of love you feel for one another. Enter The Devil's Workshop Wedding Band Workshop. Using silver, white or yellow gold, sign up for 6 hours of designing your own bands including measuring, cutting, shaping and polishing the rings you'll be exchanging on your big day. Now that is unique.


No matter what style of ring you go with, you should keep in mind that this is a piece you'll be wearing the rest of your life. If you tend to like flashy and blingy pieces, then perhaps a bigger rock for your wedding ring is the way to go but, if you are more reserved in your jewellery attire on a daily basis, be sure the ring you choose is something you'd be delighted to wear all day long.


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