Miley Cyrus is the New Face of Marc Jacobs

Well, first of all, I am never not going to quote "Wrecking Ball" if I have a chance to quote "Wrecking Ball," so there we are. Second: Miley Cyrus is the new face of Marc Jacobs.

Is this surprising? As explained by WWD, absolutely not. Cyrus has been a friend of Robert Duffy and the brand for some time, having participated in the "Protect The Skin You're In" campaign, and presented Jacobs and his business partner with top honours at Fashion Group International's Night of Stars in October. 

Said Jacobs: "Robert became friends with Miley a few years ago, and I know her through him. I met her years ago at Robert's birthday party in Savannah and we became friendly."

But the campaign reflects Miley than it does Marc Jacobs' S/S 2014 show.

"We wanted this beach with girls kind of sulky and broody, and we thought it would be cool if it was Miley with what could be two friends, feeling quite distant and dark," he explained. "Well all just love her and her entire being, her energy, her talent, her intelligence, everything. There's nothing I don't like about her. She is just genuine and very natural."

So there you go, Miley naysayers. Whenever somebody says "she's just being Miley," they absolutely mean the above things. (Girlfriend is a boss of a businesswoman, I tell you.) You can check out photo of her campaign below:

Miley Marc Jacobs

Photo By David Sims

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