Mila Kunis Slams Wannabe “Artists”

Despite Mila Kunis’ loveable turn as Jackie from That ’70s Show (but let’s stay away from Ashton Kutcher news), it took until last year’s Black Swan for us to finally acknowledge her as a serious thespian.

Of course, that’s not how she sees herself.

In an interview for GQ that accompanies the magazine-bestowed title of “Knockout Of the Year”, the actress displayed her frustration about the wannabe artists that seem to dictate Hollywood.

“I love what I do, but my theory is that it’s people who doubt what they do and want to prove it to you, they’re like, ‘It’s art,'” she said. “I’m like, holy . . . are you [kidding] me? I run around and pretend I’m someone else for twelve hours. I record Family Guy voices. Then I get to go home and watch Jersey Shore.

But the honesty didn’t end there. Despite the “knockout” status used for the magazine, Kunis used the interview to lash out at sexism that she believes still runs rampant in Hollywood.

“You have no idea how hard it is for a woman in this business,” she revealed. “A lot of people don’t even think women are funny. But you have to deal with guys like that. I’ve learned how to roll with it.”

“The bottom line is that if you’re an attractive female in this industry, people just take you as that: attractive,” she continued. “People are distracted by looks. It happens. I’m not saying it’s happened to me, but it happens.”

Here’s hoping it stays that way.

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