Michael Kors Designs Goop Capsule Collection

Gwyneth Paltrow has teamed up with Michael Kors for a capsule collection for her online lifestyle magazine, Goop. The collection features Paltrow's favorite classic pieces that she has worn throughout the years. 

"Inspired by vintage Michael Kors staples that Editor in Chief, Gwyneth Paltrow collected and wore throughout the years, these timeless classics have been reimagined and modernized for an iconic collection made exclusively for goop," the website reads. 

One of Paltrow's favorite items in the collection is the pea coat that has been updated with gold buttons. 

"A peacoat is a classic — it never goes out of style," she wrote. "I asked Michael if perhaps we could take his and add gold buttons for some added elegance."

Prices for the capsule collection range from $125 (a pendant necklace) to $2,595 (an already sold-out cashmere cape). The collection also includes a blazer jacket, trousers, peplum sweaters, and accessories. You can see it all for yourself here

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