Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Split

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have reportedly separated after 13 years of marriage. The pair haven't been photographed together since April, have made separate appearances on the red carpet, and have even taken individual vacations with their children. More recently, Douglas was spotted in Sardinia while Zeta-Jones is at their home in New York. 

"They're taking a break," a source told People magazine. However, neither has made a move to file for legal separation or divorce. 

The pair's relationship has certainly be tested over the years, with Zeta-Jones' bipolar II disorder and Douglas' battle with cancer in 2010. 

"The stress has taken a toll on their marriage," another source told People. 

It seems they are hoping some time apart will help heal their marriage and somehow bring their family back together again. However, the pair are dedicated to being good parents and will certainly keep their children in mind when making any decisions. 

Douglas and Zeta-Jones wed in 2000 during a big lavish ceremony in Manhattan. The have two children together — Dylan, 13, and Carys, 10. 

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