Mean Girls: The Sequel?

Mean Girls 2 is slated for production with a whole new cast (ie, this will not be Mean Girls Go to College) and a wacky new plotline.  (In short: expect less Tina Fey-esque clever-ness).

Taking the place of the Queen Bee will be Meaghan Martin of Camp Rock who plays Jo, while Maiara Walsh (of Desperate Housewives) will be playing one of her evil sidekicks (twist!).  And not only that, the plot will revolve around Jo befriending an outcast named Abby in hopes of having Abby’s father pay for Jo’s college tuition (. . . okay?).  But add in eye candy, the best in questionable teen fashion and one-liners that will be repeated for generations to come, and we have ourselves the straight-to-DVD movie of the week.

Well, maybe that’s not fair.  After all, the original Mean Girls was released six years ago, but what made it popular was the fact that it was a commentary.  Meaning?  It didn’t take itself seriously.  (Because really “ can you imagine Regina George hatching such a wacky plan?  I certainly hope not.)

That is of course unless Tina Fey comes back to write it.  In that case, I will gladly eat my words.

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