Makeup and wardrobe on standby

We’ve been pretty good avoiding Lindsay goes to prison news, but when you stumble upon a story like this, it’s impossible not to comment somehow.

For those that were concerned that the troubled twenty-something wouldn’t be ready for her close up en route from jail to the car, they can now breathe easy: a team of stylists and makeup artists have been assembled as of today at midnight to be ready to go for whenever the starlet is freed.

Not only that, but there’s already a wardrobe change in the works.  Meaning?  Instead of wearing something relatively casual for the paparazzi photo shoot, Ms. Lohan will be working a look from her leggings line, 6126.  (Because really, what legging brand she’s wearing will really be under the spotlight.)

If anything, this is all just sad.  Instead of using this prison sentence as a chance to back away from the glare of Tinseltown, it seems she’s feeding right back into it.  And instead of beating the media at their own game, she’s acting like a pawn “ the victim of her own bad choices and the yes-men around her.

So the real question of the hour: will the 90 days in rehab do for Lindsay what it did for Britney or will we be planning the next big wardrobe debut three months from now?  Let’s hope not.

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